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How to Use a Cleansing Balm

Oil is the bomb.

Makeup, sunscreen, dirt? Oil takes care of it all. 

Oil cleansing isn't new - in fact, it's ancient - but using oil instead of soap can seem counterintuitive for anyone new to the idea. It doesn’t help that, for years, we’ve been taught to avoid skincare products that contain oil.

Thankfully, perspectives change. We now know and accept that oil is a solvent for other oil (i.e. oil dissolves other oils). When you consider that oil is a major component of most makeup products as well as skin’s own sebum, it’s no wonder that oil cleansing is so effective.  Like attracts like. Yay science! What’s more, unlike its soapy counterparts, oil cleansing won’t strip skin – in fact, the process can be very moisturizing and gentle. So let’s get to it!



1. Scoop

Take a dab of cleansing balm and warm it between your fingers.

2. Massage 

Massage the balm gently into your face and neck. If you’re wearing eye makeup, spend a little more time massaging this area (you’ll actually feel the makeup dissolve under your fingers!). 

3. Press

Moisten a facecloth with warm water. Use a muslin or cotton cloth for added exfoliation or a soft flannel or microfiber cloth for sensitive skin. Wring out the cloth then lay it onto your face, gently pressing into your skin. This step opens your pores, loosening the day’s dirt, oil and makeup.

4. Remove

Gently wipe your skin clean. Don’t tug, just slide the cloth gingerly over your skin. You may need to focus a little more attention on the eye area if you’re wearing heavy or waterproof makeup products. Try blinking into the towel to avoid rubbing the area.  


Feel free to finish here if your skin feels soft and comfortable. Desert Island Wonder Balm is infused with gentle, healing herbs so any product left on your skin will continue to nourish and treat. 

If you have oily or acne-prone skin or if you’d like to apply a water-based product (i.e. toner, essence, serum, etc.) follow with a gentle facial cleanser.